V2 Istanbul Cup race at the track record of the Trust and First Ayhancan Güven

12 Mart 2015 Perşembe 01:16
V2 Istanbul Cup was held in the second race of the 2015 Izmit Bay Circuit.

V2 Istanbul Cup was held in the second race of the 2015 Izmit Bay Circuit. 20 name of the winner of the race received VOLKIC start with 17-year-old car was Ayhanc the Trust. Ayhancan Güven at the same time in the Gulf made with VOLKIC track with 50.823'lik time was the owner of the fastest lap times.



Following the March 1 pilots began training on Sunday with qualifying 12: The race started at 30. The winner of the first race of 16-year-old Ali Türkkan race with a somersault at the finals but finished fourth, Omar Rifaioğl narrowly missed the podium last race took place this time in the third step. Emre Hasbay while climbing a ladder was able to finish the race in second place.

Race Bronze Tin Sign Locksmith struggle and rise to the top group Ürkmez great transitions from the following tracks and images while they watch.


V2 Challenge championship has been achieved at the end of the first three digits of the pilots will have their prize money. Championship in the first £ 6,000 pilots, who will win the second and third with £ 3,000 in prize money of $ 1,000. V2 Istanbul will determine the points to be collected from the first three races. Final race will be held again on Sunday, March 8, the Izmit Bay Circuit.

 V2 Challenge Race dates

February 22 Sunday - Izmit Bay Raceway

March 1st Sunday - Izmit Bay Raceway

March 8 Sunday - Izmit Bay Raceway