Lassa Canan Tolon V1 king

12 Mart 2015 Perşembe 01:19
Lasse V1 Challenge of the sixth and final race of the 2014 season on Sunday was held in Adana on November 16 with a superb organization.

Lasse V1 Challenge of the sixth and final race of the 2014 season on Sunday was held in Adana on November 16 with a superb organization. Last year's champion and shining name of sports car from Izmir Canan Tolon, was the name once again extending the gold trophy. Thus, for 4 years held V1 Can Challenge championship was 2 championship was the Tolon.

Attendance to the final race VOLKIC Akin

Organization dedicated to the Adana Metropolitan Municipality and Young Businessmen Association was organized in support AGİAD Ugur Mumcu Square Station. Indigenous races of Adana to volkıcar race car showed great interest. Sports car with the event held in the inner cities, bringing together public VOLKIC racing car proved extremely popular in Adana. Light show with two wheels raging volcano of Adana, the V1 Challenge race in 2012, and watched the pilot, accompanied by the head of the Aegean shows VOLKIC applause. While having a day they will never forget and sports car racing enthusiasts who flock to private runway that was created in the city was broadcast live on NTV Spor.

Canan Tolon Impossible to Stop

Lasse V1 Challenge struggle began in the early hours of the day. Before the race made a nice air in Adana, practice and qualifying took place. In groups according to their ranking results from the pilot to the runway winning their group name, the upgrade to the next round. Custom-created trails in by equipping them with the tools required to take handicap tour gave pleasure to the beholder forcing pilots. Canan Tolon 8-race started first in the final race leading the way through the tour Koray Muratoğlu at the first bend from start throwing the spin dropped to fourth. Burak Çukurova in a comfortable second place podium last step in the race won by 16-year-old pilot was a young earth cordially. Canan Tolon $ 6,000 at the end of the race, Burak Çukurova won $ 4,000 and Soil 2.000TL cordially. Canan Tolon last year after he declared his championship this season.

Successful Pilot Receives Award for volkıcar

Lasse V1 Challenge female pilots and pilots were awarded over 40 years. The winner of the race in the women pilots Judy Bayülgen, while the second Didem Kargin, who was third in Oya. Didem Lance won the championship this year's female pilots. Master over 40 years in the Cup, the first pilot of the categories, while the second free Gürün Ali Ihsan Arslan, was third Burak Türkkan. Master Cup champion was free Gur.

Classification Championships Announced

Lasse Island V1 Challenge championship race at the end of the championship were announced. History Printer driver for the 2014 season from Izmir Canan Tolon in completing the first ISP pilot was Burak Çukurova second. The MANN-FILTER third pilot was Koray Muratoğlu's.

You can access the information about the championship from website and social media accounts.